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Newsyslog README File

What is newsyslog?
Newsyslog is a program to rotate log files.  It began life as a
shell script shipped with BSD systems.  This version of newsyslog
is a port of the OpenBSD version which, in turn, is based upon the
C version from MIT's project Athena.

Where to get it
The latest version of newsyslog may always be gotten via anonymous
ftp from in the directory /pub/newsyslog/.  You
can also find it on the web at

Newsyslog is distributed under a BSD-style license.  Please refer
to the `LICENSE' file included with the release for details.

Web page
There is a newsyslog `home page' at
which contains on-line documentation and other information.

Mailing lists
The newsyslog-announce mailing list receives new release announcements.

To subscribe, please visit the following web page:

Bug reports
If you find a bug in newsyslog, please use the bug database on the web