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Newsyslog RELEASE_NOTES File

                         NEWSYSLOG RELEASE NOTES
	$Id: RELEASE_NOTES,v 1.3 2003/02/18 21:22:07 millert Exp $

newsyslog 1.2 released: 06/XX/2003
	Fixed compilation problems on AIX.
	License updated to reflect removal of the advertising clause.

newsyslog 1.1 released: 02/18/2003
	Fixed check for symlinks in non-verbose mode.
	Improved readability of "newsyslog -n".
	Fixed a SystemV compilation problem.
	New -a flag to allow storage of archived logs in a different dir.
	New -F flag to force log rotation.
	Log files may now be specified on the command line to specify
	    which logs are to be rotated.
	Specifying a command to run instead of sending a signal now works.
	Better conf file sanity checking for monitor mode.
	Better error checking and reporting in the config file parser.
	Fixed the minimum file size check, size was KB instead of bytes.
	Added support for rotating files at a specific time.
	Now accepts ':' as the separator between login and group names.

newsyslog 1.0 released: 09/13/2002
	Portable version of newsyslog(8) as shipped with OpenBSD.